JDOWNLOADER 2 Premium Database Script(Working):

Why Jdownloader Premium??
Now the question comes... why should you download jdownloader premium database?? Because it gives you almost all premium accounts like uploading, uploaded, hotfile, fileserver, filemashine, filedude, and much more... You can just visit the download page and throw in Jdownloader and it will download it as a Premium User!!

How To Setup It??

1.Download JDownloader 2 Premium Database script from the link given below:
2. For JDownloader 2 just copy file org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs in cfg directory
3.Replace the existing org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs file in the directory stated in step 2 with the file downloaded in step 1. Relaunch jDownloader. 



(Grab the link below the files gets taken down)(Why we can't reupload it? Because whenever we upload a file,its MD5-sum is taken by the site and is stored.So when the bots check the file for any issues,they find the file was copyrighted and it gets taken down immediately.Now what happens is the site now issues the MD5-Sum to all the uploading sites to aware them that 'whenever a file with this MD5-Sum is uploaded,remove it ,as it is copyrighted.' ..Now what happens is when the bot surveys the file it takes its MD5-Sum and search it in a particular black-database or something.As soon it searches,the database,the databse responds by saying the bot that "hey! this is the same file which got taken down in that that site and is a copyright-infrigment.",so the bot immediately takes down that file and bam the link gets broken.
It doesn't matter if you change the name or format,the MD5-Sum will remain the same and no matter where you upload it,the file will taken down much sooner then before)

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