Terrorist Takedown : Covert Operations Highly Compressed

Terrorist Takedown : Covert Operations Highly Compressed
Terrorist Takedown : Covert Operations | Pc Game | 480 MB
Publisher:City Interactive | Developer:Merscom | Genre:Modern First-Person Shooter

Officially, no one declared war - but people keep dying. Deep in the South American jungle, a U.S. unit sent to destroy a drug cartel was ambushed. The survivors have been taken hostage by the terrorists. You're in command of an elite Special Forces unit, and it's time for action!


* Fighting alongside American Special Forces, defeat the biggest drug cartel in Columbia, destroying its cocaine plantations and killing it's bosses. It's time to show them war is hell!

* Use models of authentic American Army weapons, such as the Spas 12 shotgun, M 60 machine gun, and the Mk 19 grenade launcher. You can also capture and use enemy guns (Colt 945 pistol, AK 47 assault rifle).

* Fight night and day, rain or shine - the action doesn't stop! Battlefields include jungle swamps, native villages, drug plantations, enemy bases, and mysterious ancient ruins.

* You're on enemy territory - stay alert for ambushes and traps! Spotting a hidden jungle path may let you bypass mortal danger.


Terrorist Takedown : Covert Operations Highly Compressed

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