Introduction To FUD/Encrypted Malwares

This Is an important message to everyone from
Plz Share this message TO Make everyone aware and safe.
Don't Download Any Thing whoever it is from any unknown source.If u download they they might inject Ur PC with FUD/encrypted Virus,malwares,spywares and u might never know about it and it will be ur turn to say goodbye to ur Credit Card,Facebook Account and etc...
These stuffs r a work of hackers,who create them to hack personal info and including Ur life.They do it to bypass ur Firewall and they are able to do so.
1) Plz never download anything even if it tested by anti-virus(Nod32 or even any greater antivirus) cause it can contain ur life hacks.
2)Never click on a link given by ur friend or even ur trusted people.Download This software and use it to open tht link.By Doing it ur pc will remain safe and u will come to know about the origin of the link

Read The Article below to stay safe from Viruses,Spyware,Adwares etc.
We Can Guarantee that no post here contains any such viruses,malware etc. and is 100%


Some Useful Turbo Tips And Guides:
  • You Can Download This Free Software From Softpedia For Free.It will clean some of such viruses and Trojans  and all kind of crypted Stuffs.
  • Never Open Any unkown source or link because they are a link to Infection
  • Stay Straight Way From Phishing Sites and Links.
  • Stay Safe,Don't Do Silly Things
  • please,Stop using Torrents because 99.8% of them contains FUD/encrypted viruses which are enough to ruin your life and world.Think Yourself You Will waste their Precious time in uploading stuffs for no reward?
    They are dangerous and illegal.Stay Safe Please!
    That Is Why I created This Anti-Torrent Company to Protect Innocent People from the attacks from Hackers.

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