Swat 4 Highly Compressed Pc

Looking for a tactical shooter that asks you to do more than charge a building, guns a' blazin'? With a focus on sparing as many lives as possible, SWAT 4 not only raises the stakes, it raises the realism to a new level. Choose your loadout carefully and only go lethal when all else fails and the lives of innocents or a squad member are at stake.

In SWAT 4, you're the leader, nicknamed "Boss," and it's your job to command three other specialists through a variety of missions in every corner of a perilous, crime-infested city. Your special weapons and tactics squad consists of basic specialist types, an Assaulter, a Breacher, a Scout and a Non-lethal Specialist. These specialists can be customized to your tastes, and you can pick weapons that suit your mission objectives and plan. In keeping with SWAT 4's focus on non-lethal, life-preserving engagements, you can choose weapons such as tasers, flashbang grenades, and a bean bag-hurling shotgun. Of course, many situations turn hot, and the baddies you'll face will be well armed, so there is a complete selection of lethal firepower, as well.

Your missions will focus on neutralizing criminal elements and taking as many suspects into custody as possible. How you do that is up to you, but the game demands restraint, stealth and an eye for gaining the tactical advantage over opponents. You'll use items like the "Optiwand" to look around corners and under doors to scout for foes, before rushing in and subduing a suspect with pepper spray, CS gas or, if things turn ugly, live rounds. Be careful, though; killing innocents will end your mission immediately.

As squad leader, you make the ultimate calls about whether to enter rooms, open fire, or retreat. You'll command three other capable comrades with the only goal of keeping people alive. SWAT 4's intuitive command system will have you giving orders and organizing your team effectively in no time. All commands are contextual, meaning the game provides possible options depending on the situation you're in. This allows you to make decisions quickly, because when lives are at stake and the action heats up, one thing you don't have is a lot of time.

The SWAT franchise is well known for great multi-player action, and SWAT 4 is no exception. You can play online in one of three modes, Barricaded Suspects, V.I.P. Escort, or Rapid Deployment. Each mode comes with unique challenges and makes special demands on your powers of cooperation and command. Keep a cool head, and keep the body bags to a minimum.

How to run game:-People If u cannot find any icon to launch the game then go to Folder name "SYSTEM" then there u can find the launcher of game
*If Password Needed :www.dl4all.com

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